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Mega tasteful easy steps to your Paradise Watermelon Smoothie

Paradise Watermelon Smoothie
1 slice of watermelon (sliced into cubes)
1 apple (cored and sliced into 4)
1 banana (peeled and sliced into 4)
2 scoops of berry or vanilla ice cream or soy ice cream
cubes of ice
Firstly, put the apple into the blender and blend for 10 seconds. Next, add the banana and blend for 10 seconds. Then add the cubed watermelon and blend ofor 10 seconds. Pour this liquid, (blended apple, banana and watermelon) into a cup or bowl. If adding ice, put a couple of cubes in the blender and blend on ICE CRUSH (if given that option) for 20 seconds. Once the ice is crushed add your mix which is in the bowl and blend on SMOOTH/PUREE for 25 seconds. You can either pour this smoothie out as it is awith a scoop of the ice cream on top, or you can add the ice cream to the blender with the mix for about 20 seconds.
makes 2 portions

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