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Latest featured thirstbusting route to Long Island Milkshake

Long Island Milkshake
1 shot vodka
1 shot rum
1 shot gin
1/2 shot tequila
1/2 shot triple sec
4 oz ice
2 oz cream
4 sugar cubes
1 shot creme de cacao
1 – 2 drops vanilla extract

In a large blender cup, add ice, sugar cubes, creme de cacao, vanilla extract (optional), and the cream. Mix for no more than 5-10 seconds.

Add the alcoholic beverages in no particular order, then hit the “frappe” or “whip” button on the blender for 15-20 seconds, or until you can see that all the ingredients are well-blended, but before you over-blend and start the ice melting too fast.

Serve in a pre-chilled collins glass. No garnish required, serve with a large-diameter straw.

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