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Cake & Coffee

Nishimura Coffee Shop
Kobe, Japan


Coffee & Cake

Nishimura Coffee Shop
Kobe, Japan


Benidorm, November 2021.


Happy Snapper 61

Badger's 'The Cranborne Poacher'

From the back label:
They say there’s no such thing as a free meal – but as you wind your way through the wooded hills towards the tiny village of Cranborne you might chance upon charming rogue who says differently. For years the Cranborne Poacher has roamed these parts, outwitting both authority and prey in pursuit of pilfered plums and a pheasant for his pot.
A bold fruity, ruby ale. Crystal and chocolate malts provide a full bodied taste with sweet complex flavours of damson and liquorice.
Alcohol 5.7% volume.


Hà Nội Cafe, Egg coffee, Hanoî, Vietnam

Pour un moment de détente en face du temple de la littérature. Délicieux café aux oeufs et cheesecake!


Emily Drinking Raki on Crete

The associated video with this picture series is Our Trip to Crete on YouTube.

This part of our adventures on our Grand Tour of Europe is in episode three of the Take Flight with Scott video series on YouTube. Please join us there for even more content from this trip. Part one is our time on Crete, Greece with our teen nieces Madeline and Emily.

Also, you can follow my personal ZiffedTraveler Instagram or the TakeFlight with Scott Instagram pages for more content and news. We are on Facebook, too.

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