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Big Coffee, small Bakewell?

Never had such a tiny Bakewell. Bit of a ripoff really.


Glass of Cuban Rum at Night Guantánamo-City Cuba Oriente Havana Club © Glas Rum nachts Gastronomie Ost-Kuba Lateinamerika ©

Glass of Cuban Rum Guantánamo-City Cuba Oriente Havana Club © Glas Rum Gastronomie Ost-Kuba Lateinamerika © All rights reserved. Image fully copyrighted. All my images strictly only available with written royalty agreement. If interested, please ask. © Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Alle meine Bilder generell nur mit schriftl. Honorarvereinbg. Bitte ggf. fragen. ©


Copyright Helem 58 Pics Creator-9847IMG_9847

World Whisky Spa 2019


DON PAPA 7 ans 40%

Rhum Traditionnel, Philippines / Ile de Negros

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