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Banshee Berry
Donkey Punch Shot
Drop the Hammer on the Turkey
Chocolate Shot
Eady Rider
El Negro
Fainting Goat
Flaming Blue Fuck
Flaming Dr. Pepper #3
Flaming Nerd
Cinnamon Rose
Flaming Open Wound
Fluffy Pink Angel
Fruit Salad Slammer
Apple Pucker Fucker
Camel Concoction
Frutty Fuck Me Up
A Splash of Nash
German Chocolate Cake #2
Gold Bomb
Half Breed
Hawaiian Passion
Silver Spider
Hot Apple Pie with Sparks
Bo Jo
Gummy Worm
Barbie Shot
Irish Energy
Irish Rootbeer
Italian Ice #2
Barney on Acid
Jet Fuel
Jolly Rancher Jello Shots
Junior Mint #2
Junk It All
Kamikaze Wigglers
Kentucky Bullfrog
Knockout Shot
Bart Simpson
Lemon Drop #8
Leon Trotsky
Sweet Lollishot
Marijuana Milkshake
Blow Job #3
Blue Freezie
Caribbean Blue Jello Shots
Flaming Asshole #2
Hokey Pokey
Killer Shots
Melon Popper
Mexican Titty
Mind Eraser #4
Monster Squad
Morbid Angel
Naked Twister Shots
Napalm Bomb
Nasty Mexican
New Dawn
Flaming Mouth Wash
Nitrous Oxide
Asia 9.0
Green Pussy #2
O Brye
.46 Magnum
Black Haze
Cowboy Killer
Dr. Rum
Jim and Jill Went Up the Hill
Jim the Destroyer
Liquid Angel Dust
A Tender Touch
Bayou Juice
Adrenaline Rush
Angel Piss
Apple Bomb
Beam Me Up Jimmy
Black Death #4
Black Rose #2
Blackberry Lane
Bloody Tampon #2
Cactus Cooler
Carnival Apple
Carrie Special
Charley Town Beatdown
Chris Anders Shot
Cinnamon Apple Shooter
Citrus Kiss
Closed Coffin

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