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Limona Corona
Lunch Box #2
Lunch Box
Michelada Regular
Redneck Prairie Fire
Mountain Dew
Moon Drops
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
Picon Biere
Pond Water
Power Drill
Purple Nasty
Peppermint Depth Charge
Kryptonite Shot
Green Goblin
Red Eye a la Cocktail
Red Eye
Root Beer Barrel
Russian Boilermaker
Wisconsin Lunchbucket
Devon Air
Devon Gin
Gold Velvet
Acapulco Twister
Red Beer
Bacardi Rootbeer Float
Banana Slices in Beer
Beer Buster
Blood of the Innocent
Blue Kool Aid Punch
Bubbilicous Grape
College Hulk Punch
Egg Nog Captain Morgan
Flaming Orgasm
Ganja Juice
Hyped Up Mu
Naval Destroyer
Pink Panty Dropper
Rolling Rock and Roll
Rum Punch
Sloppy Pussy
Southern Bahama Mama
Aftershock Surprise
The Force
Tucker Death Mix
Time Killer
Scrumpy Strong
Ale Flip
Black Velveteen
Ginger Beer Shandy
Lager and Black
Lemon Top
Stout and Black
Stout Sangaree
Brown Betty Punch
Bite Me
Black Suede
Bloody Brew
California Root Beer
Canadian Cider
Green Elevator
Rootbeer Piss
Snake Bite Black GTI
Melon Roy
Cider Cup
Chuck Pucker
Cynar Biere
Faith, Hope, and Garrity
Five Green Brothers
Heavy Navel
Atomic Bomb
Lunch Bucket
Mug Shot
Outhouse Slammer
Fuzzy Bullet
Caribbean Boilermaker
110 in the shade
Absolute Chainsaw
Acapulco Twister
Beer Breezer
Black & Tan
Black and Brown
Black Fog
Brass Funky
Brass Skunky
Campari Beer

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