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coffee drinks
Hot Minty Kiss
Hot Shot #3
Barrier Breaker
Mexican Coffee #2
New York Hot Chocolate
Spanish Coffee
Black Maria
Blackjack #2
Boom Box
Scrumptious Coffee
Secret Place
Siberian Dutchman
Snow Cap Columbian Monk
Sorrento Cafe
Spanish Coffee #2
Spiking Coffee
Stanley Steamer
Talos Coffee
Thai Iced Coffee
Thunder King
Tia Maria
Tom and Jerry Punch
Upper Cut
Cafe Savoy
Campton Place Cafe Sonia
Catherine Of Sheridan Square
Chill Out Shock
Cloud 9
Coffee Liqueur
Coffee Nudge
Cubano Coffee
African Hot Punch
Espresso Martini
Finlandia Coffee
Flaming Spanish Fly
Frappe (Plain)
Fria Cafe Italiano
Fuzzy Asshole
Galliano Hotshot #2
Galliano Hotshot
Bacardi O Coffee
Gaelic Coffee
Shot of Coffee
Greek Iced Coffee
Hot Shot
Hyper Active Apple
Ice Cappuccino
Iced Coffee Fillip
Iced Coffee
Imperial Moka
Irish Coffee #3
Irish Coffee (Simple)
Irish Coffee
Irish Cream Liqueur
Irish Cream Liqueur #2
Irish Cream Liqueur #3
Jamaican Coffee
Kahlua Coffee
Kahlua Coffee #2
Kahlua Coffee #4
Keoke Coffee
Kioki Coffee
Balearic Coffee
Bavarian Coffee
Brandy Mocha Almond
Mexican Coffee Liqueur
Mocha Mint Cappuccino
Mocha Mudslide Milkshake
Mocha Berry
Monte Cristo
Motel Wrecker
Mozart Eiskaffee
Mexican Coffee
Orange Scented Hot Chocolate
Portland Coffee
Psycho Joe
Plantation Coffee
Prince Charles Coffee
Puerto Rican Coffee
Cold Comfort Coffee
Cafe Don Juan
Cafe Grande
Cafe Imperial
Calypso Coffee
Calypso Coffee
Caribbean Coffee
Casino Coffee
Chambord Coffee
Coffee Break
Cafe Disaronno
Cafe Henry The Third

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