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57 Chevy
A Little Dinghy
A Clockwork Tangerine
Absolute Monster
Acapulco Dream Cream
After Work Special
Alize Emerald
Anchors Away
Apple 151
Apricot Kiss
Asian Cum Shot
Bacardi Daug
Bahama Mama #2
Bacardi Remix
Bald Estonian
Barney on Acid Highball
Beetle Juice
Bahama Mama Sunrise
Beautiful Side Ride
BeeGee OJ
Berryessa Blast
Bird Bomb
Bahama Mama
Black and Blue Buck
Black and White Cherry
Black Death
Black Nazi
Bloody Monkey
Bloody Murder
Bahama Todd
Blue Balalaika
Blue Bucky
Blue Downy
Blue Zero
Blueberry Martini
Bourbon Supremo
Brazilian Breeze
Bubblegum Delight
Bust Your Black Nut
California Barbie
Canada Drink
Captain and Tonic
Captain Jack Sparrow
Car Crash
Caramel “J”
Caramel Apple Plus
Caribbean Breeze #2
Caribbean Splash
Caribbean Delight
Cherry Fluster
Cherry Popper #3
Chocolate Candy
Chocolate Pirate
Chuck Yeager
Citron Splash Martini
Citrus Rum Cooler
Cocky Carrot
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze Fru Fru
Cosmopolitan Cocktail #4
Cranapple Martini
Creamsicle #6
Creamsicle #7
Davey Crockett
Detroit Fermi
Dib Dab
Dirty Grandmother
Double Bubble
Double Fudge Martini #2
Dr. Jager
El Swavo
El Torro Loco
Elderflower Martini
Emily Emily
Fashion Victim
Foamy Irishman
Frozen Dreamsicle
Gay Mountie
Bali Dream
Giraffe snot
GoGo Girl
Gold Wizard
Golden Martini
Goombay Smash #3
Green Goblin Cocktail
Green Lizard #2
Green Mamba
Hair Dryer
Hawaiian Barbie
Hawaiian Surfer on Acid

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