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Beverage News
  • Charles Joly leaving The Aviary Charles Joly, who has won every mixology award that exists, including being named World's Best Bartender in a competition earlier this year, is leaving his post as beverage director of The Aviary (955 W. Fulton Market, 312-226-0868), effective the end of the month.
  • Monday Morning Mixology with Plat 99’s Michael Gray “We aren’t re-inviting the wheel. We’ve taken some great stuff other bartenders have done and we are building off of that, ” says Michael Gray from Plat 99 at The Alexander conducts a Monday Morning Mixology lesson.

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Amazing super not to mention free recipe for serving Blackdriver Haus

Blackdriver Haus
2 oz Black Haus blackberry schnapps
7 oz orange juice

Pre-chill the Black Haus blackberry schnapps. Pour into a highball glass over ice, and add orange juice. Garnish with an orange wheel, and serve.

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Latest Recipes for Drinks Suggestions

Jet Fuel is made with Firewater cinnamon schnapps and Rumple Minze peppermint liqueur and is a hit on any occasion.

Strawberry Dream #2 celebrates 7-Up soda and ice cubes, Stoli Strasberi vodka, amaretto almond liqueur and good times.

Bloody Brew fuses vodka, beer, tomato juice and salt and it’s good for you.

Orange Venom brings you triple sec and orange juice, Grand Marnier orange liqueur, vodka and fun.

Juniata Juice is a mix of rum and lime juice, beer and lots of fun.

These recipes are suitable for veg*ns as long as you are not including animal ingredients – and then replacing ingredients as called for. Soy cream and soy ice cream replaces milk and cream – also agave syrup or maple syrup replaces honey from bees.