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Latest Recipes for Drinks Suggestions

Melon Cooler blends Midori melon liqueur, cranberry juice and orange juice, dark rum and sipping pleasure.

Leap Year serves gin, Grand Marnier orange liqueur and lemon juice, sweet vermouth and fun.

Grapevine is made with sweet sherry, gin, dry sherry and grape juice and your friends will want one too.

Angry Chameleon calls for Bacardi white rum and Mountain Dew citrus soda, Kool-Aid Cherry mix and is a hit on any occasion.

Caribbean Splash celebrates banana and orange juice, coconut rum, peach schnapps and you’ll love it.

These recipes remain available to veg*ns as long as you are refraining from milk and cream and honey – and also replacing any ingredient if needed. Soy is the same as milk and likewise syrup from the agave cactus is as good as honey from bees.