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  • A Note—& Summer Cocktail Recipe—From Bobbi I can’t believe summer is almost over and I’m getting ready for fall. Nothing beats the fun of updating palettes and clothes to get ready for a new season. I want to keep it simple this year, and for me that means a uniform of jeans, T’s, and blazers. My favorite jeans right now are the AG Absolute Leggings. They fit me best and wear in perfectly in a few washes. My other new discovery is a ...
  • Good Stuff: Noosa yogurt, blackberry cocktail, ginger tip Australian-style Noosa Finest Yoghurt introduces new flavors, whip up a Blackberry and Ginger Cocktail, save time ith ginger in a garlic press.

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Dogfish Head Midas Touch

Dogfish Head Midas Touch (front) and Firefly Ale (back) at the Dogfish Head Alehouse, Gaithersburg, MD

(c) Rick Sause Photography 2014

French flavored syrups

bottles of differents syrups in a shop in Lyon, France

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Latest Recipes for Drinks Suggestions

Bigger Better Blue Lagoon brings you peach schnapps, light rum, Malibu coconut rum, Blue Curacao liqueur and cherry, pineapple juice and it’s good for you.

Pall Mall Martini is a mix of white creme de menthe and orange bitters, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, gin and your friends will want one too.

Mandarin Delight blends tonic water and lime, Absolut Mandrin vodka and sipping pleasure.

Buttmeister includes Jagermeister herbal liqueur and butterscotch schnapps and good times.

Jim Beam and Coke mixes Jim Beam bourbon whiskey and Coca-Cola and lots of fun.

These drinks are enjoyable for lactose-intolerant drinkers by not using dairy products – and of course substituting ingredients where required. Soy – also called soya – is equivalent to milk products – also syrup from agave is as good as honey from bees.