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Get thousands of free drinks in your hand with this easy search on your phone or PC. Try mixing something new, find cocktail recipes and smoothies, try something random, or just mix with old friends again. We’re your mobile bartender, here to serve you anytime, anywhere!

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The Un-real Thing 325/365

I do think that diet coke from a glass bottle is the best kind but I’ll be taking this one back to the shop as there’s definitely something wrong with it!
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Es Cendol Bandung

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Latest Recipes for Drinks Suggestions

A Sunny Delight mixes triple sec, lemon and Sunny Delight orange juice, lemon vodka, club soda and real flavor.

Easy Rootbeer Float showcases root beer and vanilla schnapps, root beer schnapps and it’s great.

Lassi Raita is a mix of sugar, yoghurt, ice cubes, limes and salt and lots of fun.

Matti Nyknen features vodka, lemon juice and sugar and sipping pleasure.

Caruso Blanco blends gin, dry vermouth and white creme de menthe and everyone loves it.

These drinks will be ok for vegetarians and vegans simply by refraining from milk – and also substituting contents if called for. Soy is the same as milk and cream and syrup from the agave cactus is as good as honey.