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  • Maui Wowi Hawaiian Moves Up on Franchise 500 List The popular fresh fruit smoothie and Hawaiian coffee retailer is poised for growth as the brand flourishes by adding support and additional resources to franchisees. (PRWeb December 18, 2014) Read the full story at
  • Jamba Juice Announces Grand Opening of Charlotte Store Offering splashes of goodness and empowering a healthy life-style, Jamba Juice® today announced it’s expanding its presence in Charlotte and has opened a new store, just steps away from the University of North Carolina’s Charlotte campus.

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Latest Recipes for Drinks Suggestions

Black Unicorn brings together Kahlua coffee liqueur, butterscotch schnapps and Irish cream and it’s good for you.

Apricot Fizz celebrates superfine sugar and club soda, lemon juice, apricot brandy and real flavor.

Ace Ventura serves Galliano green sambuca, red sambuca, Sprite soda, vodka, white sambuca, tequila, gold sambuca and sambuca, black sambuca, blue sambuca, rum and sipping pleasure.

Artillery Punch stirs up rye whiskey, tea, brandy, red wine, orange juice and lemon juice, Jamaican dark rum, benedictine herbal liqueur and great taste.

Black Martini requires gin and black sambuca and always pleases.

These mixes can be enjoyable for veg*ns by substituting dairy products – and also replacing contents if necessary. Soy cream and soy ice cream is the same as milk and cream and likewise syrup from agave can replace honey from bees.