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Get thousands of free drinks in your hand with this easy search on your phone or PC. Try mixing something new, find cocktail recipes and smoothies, try something random, or just mix with old friends again. We’re your mobile bartender, here to serve you anytime, anywhere!

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Latest Recipes for Drinks Suggestions

Cat and Fiddle is a chance to use Cointreau orange liqueur, Canadian whisky, Pernod licorice liqueur and Dubonnet Blanc vermouth and great taste.

Canadian Bull is made from Crown Royal Canadian whisky and Red Bull energy drink and everyone loves it.

Peach Blossom stirs up vodka, peach schnapps and ginger ale and is a hit on any occasion.

Sherry Milk Punch enjoys powdered sugar and nutmeg, cream sherry, milk and good times.

Panama brings you 151 proof rum, dark creme de cacao and cream and always pleases.

These mixes will be acceptable to veg*ns if you are replacing animal ingredients – and substituting contents as called for. Soy cream and soy ice cream substitutes milk and cream – also agave syrup works for honey from bees.